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  • Engine Size:

    289 V8

  • Transmission Type:

    3 Speed Manual

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  • Miles:

    80,441 (Unknown)

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Yep, you're seeing this one correctly: a real V8 Mustang coupe for $17 grand. It's not pedigreed, it's not perfect, but it is a ton of fun in America's favorite car for the price of a used Hyundai. Need a starter car or always wanted an old Mustang? This car pretty much eliminates any reason to say no.

If you like the traditional, no-nonsense look of the early Mustang, this is an excellent choice. It wears an older repaint in its correct code 2 Sauterne Gold that still shines up nicely and looks really authentic on the vintage pony. Back when this car was new, this was what everyone was driving, not some striped GT350 wanna-be, and as a result, it has a very honest look. And even today, there's simply no other car that can generate smiles like a Mustang. Panel fit is quite good, it doesn't look like this was ever a rust bucket and patched back together, and the coupe body style wears the elegant paint quite well. Even troublesome areas like the trunk and tail panel show good gaps and even alignment, and all the original equipment is in place, from the chrome bumpers to the classic 3-element taillights, and it's all in good condition.

The two-tone Light Ivy Gold and White Pony interior is also correct for the car and nicely restored, giving this basic little coupe an upscale flair. That feel is greatly enhanced by the center console and woodgrained appliques on the dash, while classic Mustang styling cues remain completely intact. Nice carpets and door panels suggest that this car has been loved its whole life and it sure doesn't look like a low-priced car from behind the wheel. The deep-dish steering wheel frames the original instruments, which are obviously original, but they're still keeping an eye on the V8 up front after all these years. The shifter for the 3-speed manual transmission falls easily to hand and shifting it yourself makes for an entertaining driving experience in this Mustang. The back seat looks completely unused and Mustangs were some of the first cars to offer seat belts as standard equipment, and they are all in good shape. Even the original AM radio is still in the dash, suggesting that this is a car that nobody felt the need to "upgrade" over the years. In the trunk, there's a correct plaid mat that fits rather well.

The C-code 289 cubic inch V8 is believed to be this car's original, numbers-matching engine. With a 2-barrel carburetor, it is wonderful for tooling around town and has enough punch for this pony to live up to its reputation on the street. The engine bay is very nicely detailed with Ford Blue engine paint, a correct air cleaner with reproduction decals, and details like the coil and washer bag are nice touches. Heck, this car is so authentic, it still has the original buck tag on the inner fender! The 3-speed shifts easily and with 2.80 gears out back, it's a fantastic highway car that's ready for your next road trip. The single exhaust system has a glasspack-style muffler, so it sounds like there's a V8 under the hood. Original wheels and hubcaps carry 185/75/14 whitewall radials that look right.

Price is this car's biggest selling factor, but you'll find that the clean interior, burbling V8 engine, and manual transmission help make for a very compelling argument. Call today!


AM Radio, Defrost, Heat, Seatbelts, Vinyl Interior



Engine Type
Engine Size
289 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual


Body Color
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80,441 (Unknown)


Interior Color
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