• Stock:

    557-DFW (R)

  • Engine Size:

    427 V8

  • Transmission Type:

    4 Speed Manual

  • Body Color:

    Fathom Green

  • Miles:

    66,087 (Unknown)

  • Location:

    Appointment Only

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    (based on 20% down over 120 months)


Not many things get Corvette guys worked up like the numbers "427." So when this matching-numbers 1969 Corvette showed up packing its original L68 engine, complete with three Holleys on top, we sat up and took notice. This might just be the most affordable matching-numbers 427 you'll see anywhere.

Hiding all that big block performance under a subtle Fathom Green exterior is a smart move. And while bright red Corvettes always seem to get a lot of attention, it's pretty hard to resist the rich dark green that makes the 'Vette less of a brash street racer and more of a grand touring machine. During the restoration, the fiberglass substrate was stripped, smoothed, sanded, and carefully detailed to give it a very correct look; not too perfect, mind you, but exactly right for a 1969 Corvette. The big block hood with its vents and subtle '427' badges make this car unmistakable, and thanks to the slender chrome bumpers, it has a classic '60s look that works well with the elegant paint. The finish is modern urethane, so it'll last a good, long time and will always shine up beautifully, and with just the right amount of metallic in it, this car shimmers in the sunlight. Four round taillights make it unmistakable from behind, which, given the powerplant up front, is just about the only view most guys would have gotten back in the day.

The interior is nicely restored, too, including handsome bucket seats with woven inserts that are both comfortable and grippy. Interestingly, the original interior code is [appropriately] 427, which is Gunmetal vinyl, and the upholstery in this car seems to mimic the original, sometimes looking gray, sometimes black, and there's quite a bit of green in there, too. Whatever the case, it looks right in the Fathom Green 'Vette and you can't argue with the workmanship. Fresh carpets, a restored steering wheel, and big, bright gauges that are easy to read at a glance help make this Corvette a first-class ticket to fun. The original AM/FM radio is still in the center stack, just ahead of the shifter for the 4-speed manual gearbox, which is the perfect complement to the big 427. Add in optional power windows and those cool fiber-optic lamp monitors, and the center console becomes a fairly interesting feature. Pull the T-tops and the open-air experience is to be savored, especially with the 427 burbling away behind you.

That is indeed the original, numbers-matching L68 427, which was rated at 400 horsepower and a stout 460 pounds of torque. The tri-power setup was similar to the mighty 427/435, and the three Holley 2-barrel carburetors were recently rebuilt at the Holley factory. It's only 10 more horsepower than the L36 4-barrel engine, but the sound of the intake and that cool triangular air filter were worth the extra bucks. It's also the second-rarest engine in 1969, with only 2072 being built. Nicely finished in Chevy Orange with the correct chrome valve covers, it's always impressive to pull back the hood and show off a bit. The 4-speed snaps through the gears with authority, and while the chassis isn't detailed for show, it also isn't so nice that you're afraid to drive the car, because that really is the joy of owning a 427 with three deuces. Corvette Rally wheels are fitted and carry modern 215/70/15 BFGoodrich redline radials to complete the period-perfect look.

Drive it, enjoy it, and for Pete's sake, don't just hide it away and let it appreciate like a dusty investment, because this Corvette was built to drive. Call today!

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AM/FM Radio, Defrost, Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Heat, Numbers Matching, Power Windows, Seatbelts, T-Tops, Vinyl Interior



Engine Type
Engine Size
427 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Fathom Green
Body Style


66,087 (Unknown)


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console

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