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    455 V8

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    59,755 (Unknown)

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This is the one, the big guy, the ultimate piece of vintage muscle. Sorry LS6 Chevelles, Super Cobra Jet Mustangs, and Hemi 'Cudas, but this 1970 Buick GSX makes more torque than any of you, a staggering 510 pounds of torque. Nothing was bigger or badder than the GSX when you lined up the numbers, and since it's a Buick, you didn't have to give up A/C to get it.

Only 678 GSXs were built in 1970, and for your extra $1196, you got one outrageous-looking muscle car. This is one of only 491 GSX's that were produced in awesome Saturn Yellow. Indeed, the Apollo White cars are more rare, but what color would you really rather have? Most people prefer the Saturn Yellow and it's hard to argue with them! GM A-bodies were already great-looking cars, but the GSX truly looks like something special. The paint was refinished about ten years ago using the correct formula, so the yellow zings, but does show some minor wear. Hood scoops are fully functional, feeding the hungry 455 underneath, and a rear wing was not only standard equipment, but it was an integral part of the styling, with the side stripes wrapping around its top surface. It doesn't forget its Buick roots, however, so the chrome bumpers were polished up and correct GSX badges reinstalled, just in case the screaming yellow paint didn't tip you off that you shouldn't mess with this one on the street.

Black buckets were your only choice in the GSX, complete with a center console. The trim tag reads 188 which is correct for the GSX, and again, the only interior that was available in these cars. The seats wear stylish textured covers front and rear, there's reasonably realistic wood on the console, and a full array of instruments. Well, there's no tach in the dash because it lives out on the hood where it's easy to see in the heat of combat, one of GM's better ideas. The three-spoke wheel is sporty and suitably muscle-car-like, and thanks to GM's typical power steering of the period, you still need little more than a fingertip to guide the car. Factory A/C is a valuable option that was unavailable on the LS6 or Hemi, so you can stomp the competition in ice cold comfort. You already know we like the horseshoe shifters, which, on this car, is linked to a TH400 3-speed automatic transmission that's more than up to the GSX's prodigious torque. In back, the trunk is neatly finished with a correct mat, vintage bias-ply spare, and even the original cardboard cover. Nice!

The heart of the GSX was Buick's stout 455 cubic inch V8. Fortified with an upgraded camshaft, different heads, and bigger valves, not to mention a giant 4-barrel carburetor up top, it barks and snarls like few other Buicks before or since. That big twin-snorkel air cleaner is standard equipment and wears Stage 1 badges, which means this one makes an extra 10 horsepower (Buick rated it at 360 horsepower, but most folks put the real number closer to 400). The Stage 1 package also included 3.42 gears out back, which is plenty to get it rolling with all that torque. Without supporting documentation, we don't know whether this car was originally a Stage 1 or not but it is a real GSX. The consignor and previous owners of this car say it's "believed to be" a real Stage 1 car but without a build sheet it can't be definitely proven. The car is pretty original underneath, not detailed for show, but that also means this GSX is affordable and drivable. Seven-inch wide Buick Road Wheels look perfect on the bright yellow GSX, and are wrapped in modern 245/60/15 Goodyear radials.

You know better than to mess with a Buick that looks like this, now you can own it. Big, fast, and rare, this GSX is an amazing find for a fraction of the price of its trailer queen siblings. Call today!


AM/FM Radio, Air Conditioning, Defrost, Front Disc Brakes, Heat, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Build Receipts , Seatbelts, Vinyl Interior



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455 V8
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59,755 (Unknown)


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