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  • Engine Size:

    235 CI 6 Cylinder "Blue Flame"

  • Transmission Type:

    3 Speed Manual

  • Interior Color:

    Black & Gray

  • Miles:

    21,753 (Unknown)

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Looking for inexpensive fun with high style? This 1954 Chevy 210 coupe might just be the ultimate example. A great combination of originality and modest updates, it's built to drive regularly without erasing its original personality, and we like that quite a bit. In today's world of hot rods with the same-old, same-old going on underneath, finding a mostly original car like this can be very refreshing.

It's basic, no getting around that. Simple in black, with a gray fabric interior and exactly zero options, it was probably the cheapest car on the lot back in '54. Nevertheless, it was someone's daily transportation, and it was reliable and plenty stylish, and today it stands out as something special, even when surrounded by younger, flashier, more option-laden Tri-Five siblings. The single stage repaint has a very authentic look with a bit of patina over some clean original sheetmetal that probably needed little more than a good scuff to be paint-ready. It's not show-quality, but the whole car has a period look that's very charming. There's never been any rust on this car, and it's probably the kind of car that the original owner proudly bragged about washing every Saturday afternoon. All the chrome and trim is original, and it's a great barometer of the quality process in the 1950s; it's nice, but not the blindingly shiny stuff we expect today, and it all really pops against the inky black finish.

The no-frills interior is actually a pretty nice place to spend some time, with handsome gray cloth upholstery and supportive seats that were designed for all-day comfort. Everything on the dash, including the instruments and metal grille that hides the original AM radio speaker, is in incredible shape for being almost 60 years old. The gauges are fully functional and still clear and legible, and old plastic steering wheels rarely look this good after six decades. The 210 got carpets instead of rubber mats, so it feels a bit more luxurious than the usual bargain-priced beaters, and the beautiful door panels suggest that style mattered in every Chevy, not just the expensive ones. The spacious trunk features an original-style rubber mat and an ancient spare tire that looks a bit trucky to my eye but might just be an ancient snow tire.

Chevy's dependable Blue Flame six was the only powerplant available, and with 235 cubic inches, it was torquey and smooth under all conditions. Further evidence of this car's dedication to the past is found under the hood, where it shows proper turquoise engine enamel, a correct oil filter, factory carburetor, and no signs of any of the period speed parts that many Chevys of this vintage carry. It was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago and upgraded to 12-volts at the same time, so there's also a chrome alternator stashed down low and out of sight. A 3-speed manual transmission was standard equipment, and the column-mounted shifter is simple to use with light clutch action. Regular service to the suspension and brakes mean that it drives extremely well, and there's something about the way an all-original car drives that's simply impossible to replace during a restoration. The only non-1954 items on the car are the chrome Pacer wheels and fat 205/70/14 front and 225/70/14 rear radials, but even they look right on this neat little Chevy.

Bargain-priced or not, someone loved this Chevy. Today, it's a remarkable specimen that will impress not with its flash, but with its honesty. Call today!


AM Radio, Cloth Interior, Heat



Engine Type
Engine Size
235 CI 6 Cylinder "Blue Flame"
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual


Body Color
Body Style


21,753 (Unknown)


Interior Color
Black & Gray
Seating Type
Seat Material
Vinyl Cloth
Shifter Type
Center Console

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