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  • Engine Size:

    5.4 L V12

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    5 Speed Automatic

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    100,909 (Actual)

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I can't presume to know why you'd need an armored BMW 750iL, but all I know is that I want one desperately. You know that feeling of invulnerability you get from, say, driving a big SUV? This car delivers on that promise. Bullets bounce off, explosions are deflected, and they even went so far as to reconfigure the door seals to keep stray projectiles from squeezing through. The safest place in the world just became your daily driver.

The 7-series BMWs were already the executive limousines of choice, particularly the V12-powered 750iL (that 'L' stands for "long" as in "long wheelbase"). Chiseled good looks that bely the car's size are BMW's secret, and if this long, black sedan wafts past you in traffic, you'd never know that there are several thousand pounds of protection stashed inside. The black paint is just as lovely as all the other top-of-the-line Bimmers, the doors fit just as well, and the overall look is quite stock, which is entirely the point. This one has obviously never been shot at or exploded, so the finish is in excellent shape and should you require the services of a car like this, you can proudly show up at the next super-villain get-together despite the fact that it's now more than a decade old. Maintenance was obviously first-rate, because these cars are not just purchased on a whim and most guys who expect to be shot at also have a guy on staff to drive and maintain their car for them. If your life depends on your car, you know NOTHING gets overlooked in the maintenance department.

The interior is also a no-compromises space. The clever packaging of the armor package uses special steel that follows the contours of the body, so no interior space is lost in the conversion to 155-MPH tank. Black leather seating fore and aft is just as comfortable as garden-variety 7-Series sedan, and again, it's holding up remarkably well with only minor signs of use. Everything was standard equipment, from climate control to a crisp, clear stereo system designed to drown out the din of machine gun fire. And unlike most armored sedans, the windows actually go up and down-just imagine rolling up at a drive through and powering down the nearly 2-inch-thick piece of glass. The floor is reinforced, the bulkhead between passenger compartment and trunk is bulletproof, and, well, only the President is safer in his car. Will it all make you forget that you live in a crosshair? No, but it sure is nice.

The standard 5.4-liter V12 engine delivers plenty of oomph to handle even the enhanced load of the armor. Most of its important parts are protected, including the radiator, fuel tank, and ECM, and it purrs along in silky smooth silence under most conditions. The transmission, rear end, and suspension are all heavily upgraded to handle the extra weight, and most components have been relatively recently serviced, so it's still ready to head into downtown Beruit. The undercarriage is solid (it's not like you can just weld in patches anyway) and the exhaust system is a wonderfully complex piece of stainless engineering. Big BMW alloys are suitably beefed up and wear 245/50/18 Goodyear radials.

Yeah, there's something about an armored BMW that makes you feel like a million (or a billion) bucks. Fortunately, you can buy that feeling for pennies on the dollar with this car. Call today!


AM/FM Radio, Air Conditioning, Anti-Lock Brakes, Anti-Theft System, Cassette Player, Cruise Control, Defrost, Driver Airbag, Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Fuel Injection, Heat, Heated Seats, Leather Seats, Navigation System, Numbers Matching, Passenger Airbag, Power Brakes, Power Locks, Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Windows, Rear Defogger, Seatbelts, Telescopic Wheel, Tilt Wheel, CD Changer


Original Window Sticker, Maintenance Records


Engine Type
Engine Size
5.4 L V12
Transmission Type
5 Speed Automatic


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100,909 (Actual)


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