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  • Engine Size:

    Inline 4

  • Transmission Type:

    4 Speed Manual

  • Miles:

    92,189 (Unknown)

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How cool would it have been to see this 1931 Ford Model AA mail truck trundling down your street, hauling packages, and delivering mail? As big as a barn, this Model A has a fantastic, purposeful look and someone gave it a high-quality restoration that makes it one of history's more iconic heavy haulers.

In the 1930s and '40s, if you received mail, a truck like this probably handled it somewhere along the way. The robust little Model AA makes for a rather attractive truck, and the massive wood bodywork was created by several manufacturers to Ford's specifications, giving them a uniform look that was, well, like a uniform. From the olive paint to the sliding doors to the train-car-like roofline, these trucks were distinctive as well as durable. Following a comprehensive restoration several years ago, this one still looks great and will surely be the star of any show it attends. The black front end was typical Ford commercial-grade, blending into the usual cowl section that houses the gas tank. The wood body is mostly original, albeit repainted and with replacement pieces as needed, and with period WWII posters on its flanks, recalls an era when life was a little slower, a little simpler. It's probably nicer than it ever was when it was in service and offers many unique details that make it a fascinating piece of history. For safety, dual taillights have been added, as well as a painted front bumper, but otherwise it's just as Ford intended back in 1931.

The interior is bone simple, a utilitarian design specifically created for practical purposes only during the harsh economic climate of the early 30's. The bench seat with its bolt-upright seat back is wide enough for one and a half people, so I'm not sure what the USPS was thinking when they spec'd it that way. The familiar Ford instrument panel is stashed under the heavy body's wood windshield frame and cowl, and the wooden floor was painted the same olive green as, well, just about everything else. Twin sliding doors make it easy to deliver from either side and despite the sever conditions in which this truck surely worked, someone took the time to make it attractive, too, with pleasant angles and neat details. In back, the cargo bay is truly massive, so if you've got the time, it'll still move just about anything you own (or maybe even everything). It also includes a pair of vintage mail bags that are a neat accessory.

Ford's familiar 200 cubic inch four-cylinder engine powered everything from the lightest roadsters to this big truck, but thanks to clever gearing and a 4-speed transmission, it doesn't seem to struggle at all. It's slow, but it goes about its job with that happy Model A soundtrack and bulletproof reliability, which is surely why the Ford was chosen for postal delivery duties in the first place. The engine bay is quite authentic, from the flat copper spark plug leads to the Ford green paint on the block, and everything appears to be in order (there's really not much that can go wrong here). The chassis looks like it might have been freshened at some point and remains in good order, complete with a correct Model AA exhaust system that delivers the perfect sound. Heavy-duty steel wheels with 6.50-20 truck tires give it a sturdy look.

There are only a handful of these left and they represent an important part of our motoring heritage. It's also just plain fun to show up in a giant old truck that is so instantly recognizable. Call today!


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Engine Type
Engine Size
Inline 4
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
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Pickup Truck


Model AA
92,189 (Unknown)


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