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  • Engine Size:

    350 V8

  • Transmission Type:

    4 Speed Manual

  • Body Color:

    Marina Blue

  • Miles:


  • Location:

    Atlanta, Georgia

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Amazing what the right set of wheels can do for a car, right? This 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle is pretty stock, but with the lowered stance and shiny rolling stock, it takes on a whole new persona that totally gets all the attention. V8 power with a manual gearbox certainly helps, but only if you're the lucky guy who gets to take it home at night.

Marina Blue never looks wrong on a Chevy of any kind, but the mid-year Chevelles look especially sleek with their long, lean, unadorned look. It was repainted a few years ago and looks awesome for the local cruise nights and heading down the street, and you certainly won't be ashamed to roll it out front for a full detail job next Saturday. Up close, there are a few blemishes, as you'd expect, but nothing major that detracts from the overall presentation. It's nice to see a stock hood on a vintage Chevelle, and it certainly has the right indicators for performance, ranging from the SS grille to the crossed-flag emblems on the front fenders that warn potential predators that there's a nasty surprise waiting for them. No stripes, no vinyl roof, no add-ons, just a clean, sleek Chevelle that looks fast just sitting still. Lots of the trim is new, including the bumpers and much of the stainless detail work, so it truly shines when you roll it out of the garage, and all the glass is new with fresh gaskets, weather-stripping, and felts so it seals up tight.

The bench seat means this car was built for speed as much as style, and you know we like the look of a 4-speed sticking out of the transmission tunnel like an industrial-strength horsepower lever. Factory gauges cover speed and fuel level, but with a car like this, you know that's not sufficient, so a set of auxiliary gauges went under the dash in the usual place and a Sun Pro tach was neatly attached to the A-pillar and it really looks slick. Nice black upholstery looks brand new, including the reproduction seat covers, correct black carpets, and pleated door panels. And don't worry about entertainment, because if you get tired of the V8 torque under your right foot, there's an AM/FM stereo radio in the dash that fits so neatly you'd almost swear it was factory-installed. There are also under-dash neon lights that are purely for style points, but the effect is pretty slick.

The 350 cubic inch V8 provides enough punch to make this car extremely entertaining on the street. With all the usual goodies, from an Edelbrock intake and carb to the long-tube headers, it will make you forget about your desire for more power. It's also nicely finished, with correct Chevy Orange paint and just enough chrome to show off. There's lots of new equipment underneath the skin, too, including a new master cylinder, Hotchkiss sway bars, upgraded rear control arms, and a fresh gas tank and lines, so it's ready to go. The underside has been cleaned up and doesn't show any major signs of previous damage, and the dual exhaust with glasspack-style mufflers certainly knows how to get attention. And as I mentioned, those shiny chrome wheels and fat 225/60/15 BFG radials set it all off perfectly.

Clean turn-key Chevelles are getting harder to find all the time, and if you're looking to just get in and start having fun, this one represents a very attractive way to do it. Call today!


Front Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Seatbelts-Front, Seatbelts-Rear, Vinyl Interior


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Engine Type
Engine Size
350 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Marina Blue
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