• Stock:


  • Engine Size:

    396 L78 V8

  • Transmission Type:

    4 Speed Manual

  • Body Color:

    Tuxedo Black

  • Miles:

    8 (Since Built)

  • Location:

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

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If you could travel back in time to 1967 and order your dream Chevelle, would it look like this? A matching-numbers L78 396/375 with a 4-speed, black on black, and built for speed? Yeah, that's what we'd do, too. Beautifully restored to show standards, this awesome hardtop just recently scored 997 out of 1000 points in judged competition. Beautiful and fast? Where do I sign up?

Yes, it's expensive, we know that. But where are you going to find another car with these specifications restored to this level? This isn't some guys dream car assembled from parts, it's a concours-ready show piece that was restored to original specifications, and those original specifications are extremely impressive. It starts with the code A-A Tuxedo Black paint and no vinyl top, which was probably no-frills back in 1967 but today looks better than any other color you could order. Paint and bodywork are simply spectacular, with one new front fender and fresh quarters simply because the originals couldn't be made perfect enough. It was all smoothed and aligned by the experts at Solid Gold Classics in Virginia, and they obviously know what they're doing. The finish is so deep you need a SCUBA tank to see the bottom and there are exactly zero deviations from stock, which means a standard hood with those cool chrome inserts and crossed-flag emblems on the front fenders that kind of give the secret away. Show-quality chrome, polished stainless, new weather-stripping, and proper badges all add up to a car that earned every one of those 997 points.

The code 763-B black bucket seat interior is also correct for this car and has been restored to the same exceptional level as the bodywork. Although you'd initially think this car was built for combat, things like the factory center console with clock, the "turn signal" tach, and an AM/FM radio suggest otherwise. As you'd expect, the gauges, the plastic pieces, and all the other little details are at least as good as they were when it was new, and shockingly, even the clock works! Grab the skinny steering wheel, ease the clutch in, and push the lever into first and hold on, because things start to happen in a big hurry when you stomp on it. A full-sized back seat makes the Chevelle very family-friendly (well, aside from the obvious) and a big trunk complete with an original-style redline spare and jack assembly means it's ready for anything.

That is the original, numbers-matching L78 396 cubic inch V8, freshly rebuilt to stock specs with all-new components inside. If you've never heard one of these mechanical lifter engines at full tilt, you're really missing a treat, and the heavy-duty components won't whimper if you stomp on it now and then. It's properly detailed in every way, including the Chevy Orange engine, a correct aluminum intake, and even stamped hoses and tower hose clamps. Note the oversized pulley on the alternator, which was for solid-lifter cars only, and power steering and brakes are useful for a car with such a big chunk of iron over the front axle. The 4-speed shifts beautifully and powers a 12-bolt rear with 4.11 gears inside, so you know the sucker's fast. However, given the condition of the undercarriage, it's unlikely that this one has ever turned a wheel in anger and the reproduction F70-14 Firestone redlines probably don't have but a few miles on them.

Is this the finest in the world? 997 points say yes. The fact that it's also spec'd in the most potent and attractive way, well, that only makes it a must-have for any serious Chevelle collector. Call today!


Heat, AM/FM Radio, Defrost, Front Disc Brakes, Numbers Matching, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Seatbelts, Vinyl Interior, Build Receipts


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Engine Type
Engine Size
396 L78 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual


Body Color
Tuxedo Black
Body Style


8 (Since Built)


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console

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