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    0127-TPA (R)

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    Straight 6

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    3 Speed Manual

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    12,956 (Unknown)

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There's a huge difference between owing the star of the car show and the star of the concours. This 1929 Peerless Six-81 is the latter. It's the kind of car that you can count its rarity on your hands, and it has a great story of being cherished, lost, and expertly restored. Yes, this is the upper class of the car hobby.

First, many of you might need an education on Peerless. This car company was the in top echelon of pre-WWII motoring - mentioned in the same breath as Stutz and Pierce Arrow. This meant luxury accommodations, quality engineering, hand-craftsmanship, and low production numbers. This kind of reputation is what we all love to see today, but it was also the right recipe to never survive The Great Depression. That makes this 1929 Peerless Six-81 exceptionally rare (it's believed only eight are left in existence.) In fact, this one stands out even further as possibly being the only one on solid wheels from the factory. Even without its remarkable rarity, this one is just downright attractive. The two-tone cream and cinnamon paintwork is a professional respray of a Peerless factory color combination. It looks fantastic on this coachwork because the body has an interesting story. We can trace the ownership history back to the 1960s where this one spent decades in a private collection. When it was sold out of that, the Peerless was locked away in a private barn for nearly 25 years. It was then resurrected a few years ago by a now well-known Peerless collector. This tale of being cherished, lost to history, and then revived by a Peerless expert is exactly why everything looks so well preserved and stunning today.

Open the door, and you'll see how the car earns its name. The olive mohair seats are part of a period-correct restoration that also includes the door panels and headliner. The driver gets a large grippy steering wheel and a full working gauge package that's so well detailed, it even has the Peerless logo in the center. The rear seat has the kind of space where you can stretch out and still never touch the front upholstery. That's why the stylish and intricate grab handles and footrest are also very functional. You might have noticed the subtle green pinstripe on the exterior. While it was an interesting detail on the outside, once you're inside, you see that this hand-painted element is repeated throughout the interior as a great touch to unify the full design.

One of the greatest ways quality was measured in the 1920s was the quiet operation of a vehicle, and the silence of this one is, well, peerless. The Six-81 model utilizes a Continental six-cylinder engine displacing 248.3 cubic-inches. The previous owner was the one who revived it from its barn slumber, and he thoroughly went through this motor to get it back into its thoroughbred condition. He also took meticulous care to keep every component in as original condition as possible. Now it's a strong and silent runner that is possibly one of the best riding cars from the Roaring Twenties thanks to the long 116-inch wheelbase, three speed manual transmission, and four-wheel hydraulic brakes – a true engineering feat of the time.

This is a car with unquestionable rarity and appeal. It even has plenty of awards to prove it, including two Best In Show prizes. It will be hard to find another classic this expertly maintained, and it even comes with the owner's manual. A Peerless is a rarity at any car event, but even those who aren't impressed with the marque will love hearing this one's unique story. If you're quick enough, you can be a part of this car's amazing tale. Call today!!!

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Bias Ply Tires, Cloth Interior


Owner's Manual


Engine Type
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Straight 6
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3 Speed Manual
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Model Six-81
12,956 (Unknown)


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