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    4 Speed Automatic

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There's a definite appeal to the back-to-basics hot rods affectionately known as "rat rods." While enthusiasts aren't exactly thrilled with that term, they have to love this 1926 Ford Model T tudor sedan, which embraces the funky sensibilities of the hobby, including patina, quality engineering, and just plain irreverence. If you want to avoid tradition and still have a blast in a cool rod, this is definitely the way to do it.

The tall, boxy Model T sedan kept its original dimensions, sitting tall on top of a custom frame but still agonizingly low overall. The patina on the bodywork is either artfully intentional or the product of 90 years of aging, and either way it's awesome. Some would say it's ripening on the vine, and with a few traditional pinstripe flourishes, it certainly nails the rat rod look. Unusual details are a hallmark of builds like this, and there are plenty here, ranging from the VW Beetle luggage rack on the roof to the sliding rear window to the twin diesel-style exhaust pipe flappers out back. In truth, the body may look rusty but it's only surface rust with a few patches that are as much a part of the look as they are functional, and it's even pretty straight, with doors that fit surprisingly well. The windows are new and tinted for a clean look and the headlights look brand new, too, but those are probably the only parts on this whole car that are younger than your parents.

The interior features a set of custom-made buckets that sit low in the car for the ultimate cool factor. The wood-rimmed steering wheel is pure Model T and yes, there are some gauges and switches, but for the most part, the intention is function over form. Remarkably, it does have power windows and there's a plug-in electric fan that works with the tilt-open windshield to act as the climate control system. The rear seat is gone and the floors are covered in rubber mats that simulate diamond-plate, and yes, that's the gas tank perched in the rear seat area (hence the sliding rear window). But if you look closely, you'll see a lot of thought that went into the apparent randomness, including new door latches with safety dead bolts (yeah, industrial), and the driving position is actually fairly comfortable for something so radical.

In the horsepower department, it doesn't sport anything more unusual than a 350 cubic inch Chevy V8, but that's why it's entertaining. The engine isn't the point, it's the look, so it carries a vintage-looking scoop that's up there in the wind, a set of grimy valve covers that have fingerprints all over them, and some artfully aged external components. However, it's all new inside, including a full roller valvetrain, new Edelbrock carburetor and intake, and a big aluminum radiator stuffed into the Model T shell. It also runs a 700R4 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, so this is a car you can actually drive on the highway and it works incredibly well. The frame is 2x3 rectangular tubing that's been aged like the body but not structurally compromised, and there's a drilled 1940 Ford front axle, Corvair steering box, and a trick Jaguar independent rear end with inboard disc brakes. See what we mean about cool engineering? It runs and drives great, tracks straight, and actually rides well on those tall wide whitewall radials that give it an awesome rake.

Sorry purists, but these cars are here to stay and if you take the time to get to know them, you'll find that they're every bit as cool, drivable, and fun as the high-end pro-built rods. Call today!

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Vinyl Interior, Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Power Windows



Engine Size
350 V8
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4 Speed Automatic
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